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South Downs Planetarium
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How to Choose & Use Your Telescope

Special Half Day Course Saturday 16th May 2020

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A Photograph of Dr John Mason MBE with domonstrating the use of a telescope
Dr John Mason MBE domonstrating the use of a telescope

Space Exploration at the Planetarium

Explore the past present and future of the universe and the magic of the night sky in warmth & comfort, together with live expert commentary delivered by our professional astronomers

Questions are welcome after the show.

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Our Star Projector and Stunning Full Dome Images

A  picture of a Star Projector

Using our special star projector we project images on the dome and show the stars and other objects in the night sky. full dome shows feature stunning immersive video and breathtaking images.

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A picture of a Galaxy

See Shows for April

A picture of a Galaxy

Prices and information

  • Admission: Adults £7:00. Children 6 to 16 years £5:00.
  • Not Suitable for children under 6 years of age.
  • Duration 70min Approx
  • Opening Times:

    We are a charity run by volunteers and are only open for the public shows from 45 minutes before the published show time.

    To book a group visit at any other time, please contact the Planetarium on 01243 774400

School Shows

UK School Trips website link. Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. UK School Trips website link.

As an educational charity we provide shows for Schools at a special price. For further information visit our Schools page or call 01243 774400

Children handling 4 billion year old meteorites
Children handling 4 billion year old meteorites.

Plan your own event

As well as public and school shows we provide facilities for events such as birthday parties and private club events. See our 'Private Events' page for more details.

People enjoying our Telescope Course.
Telescope Course.

Our Presenters

A photograph of our presenter John Mason MBE

John Mason MBE

Applied Physicist

John has been actively involved in astronomy and space science for almost 50 years. Past President of the British Astronomical Association, a full member of the International Astronomical Union and is currently Education Officer and Principal Lecturer at the South Downs Planetarium in Chichester. He lectures extensively in the UK and overseas on a wide range of scientific topics with a reputation as a passionate communicator of science. He has led many expeditions overseas to observe the Northern Lights, total solar eclipses and meteor showers. He is a frequent broadcaster on radio and television.

A photograph of our presenter Graham Bryant.

Graham Bryant

President of the Hampshire Astronomical Group

Graham has been involved in astronomy for the past 50 years and is currently a Trustee of the South Downs Planetarium and also President of the Hampshire Astronomical Group. Graham has been a supporter of the Planetarium for many years and has become more deeply involved since retiring from the Health Service in 2012. He teaches the Astronomy for Beginner’s course at a nearby observatory of which he is also the President. Graham has for many years given talks to numerous outside organisations on astronomy and space flight. More recently, Graham has been an Aurora/Astronomy tour guide, leading a number of trips to Iceland and Norway.

A photograph of our presenter Meryl Goulbourne.

Meryl Goulbourne

Citizen Scientist

Meryl has discovered more than 70 Supernovas and other transient items. She actively participates in the LIGO and VIRGO experiment analysis as well as mapping the Bennu asteroid. Meryl also engages with ‘Outreach’ activities including Schools, Dark Sky events and observing evenings and is an active ‘Citizen Scientist' with the Zooniverse Project’. She is also an authority on Meteorites.


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