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Wintertime Stars, Moon and Planets.

Wintertime Stars.

Friday 18th February @ 7:30pm

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The planet Venus has now become an early morning object and by the end of January will be a prominent object in the south-eastern sky before dawn. Of the other bright planets, Saturn is now very low down in the south-west as darkness falls with the brilliant Jupiter higher up. The waxing crescent Moon will appear close to Jupiter in the sky on 5th and 6th January and the two objects will make a lovely pairing in the evening sky at dusk. Full Moon will be on 17th January and at this time of year the Full Moon is high in the night sky at midnight, flooding the landscape with its brilliant light.

Early and late in January, when there is no bright moonlight, the nights are long and dark, with the stunningly beautiful winter constellation of Orion, the Hunter dominating the cold, clear, evening skies, and the nearby patterns of Taurus, the Bull, Auriga, the Charioteer and Gemini, the Twins also on view. Using the three stars of Orion’s Belt we can find Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky. Through binoculars Sirius will be seen to be flashing many different colours as it twinkles. This is due to the constant movement of Earth’s atmosphere.

So come into the warmth of the Planetarium for a guided tour of some of the celestial wonders which are on view during the winter.

Wintertime Stars.


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