South Downs Planetarium
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Summertime Stars, Moon and Planets.

Friday, 12th July, 7:30pm

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Summertime Stars, Moon and Planets.

Image: Courtesy of NASA


On late Spring and Summer evenings - if the skies are clear - we can see some familiar star patterns, including the Great Bear, Leo, (the Lion), Virgo, (the Maiden), Scorpius, (the Scorpion), and many others.

In July and August, from dark locations, the faintly glowing band of the Milky Way will be seen arching right across the sky. There is also a fine display of planets. The lovely Red Planet Mars is seen as soon as darkness falls, and the beautiful ringed planet Saturn is also well placed. Venus becomes a brilliant object in the early morning sky by the end of June.

Come to the Planetarium for a breathtaking tour of the night sky and to find out more about what there is to be seen on clear evenings in late spring and summer.

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