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The Hunt for Life on Mars.


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Friday 25th June @ 7:30pm

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About This Show

The Hunt for Life on Mars

Mars will be the next big adventure for the human species. Is there some form of microbial life already there? Was there life there at some time in the distant past? Today, Mars is a freezing cold, dry desert planet with an incredibly thin atmosphere where, even on the warmest days, temperatures barely top zero. But early in its history, Mars was warmer and wetter, with a denser atmosphere. There were streams, rivers and lakes, perhaps even small seas. Did some form of Martian life exist back then? This Planetarium show will explore all of these intriguing possibilities.

The Hunt for Life on Mars is taking place right now. The Mars Rover Perseverance has landed in Jezero Crater where there was once a deep open lake fed by a river that flowed into it. Perseverance will scour the mud, sand and sediments brought down by that river for traces of ancient microbial life. What will it find?

Come to the Planetarium to find out about the very latest discoveries from Mars and the exciting avenues that the discovery of ancient life on Mars might mean for the existence of life in general elsewhere in our Galaxy on the many Earth-like worlds that are being discovered beyond our Solar System.

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