South Downs Planetarium
Astronomy & Science Centre

Springtime Stars Moon and Planets

Sun, 9th June 3.30pm

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A picture of the Planets


On late Winter and early Springtime evenings - if the skies are clear - we can see some magnificent star patterns including Orion, the Hunter, and his retinue.

There is also a fine display of planets: Mercury may be glimpsed low down in the south-western sky after sunset during the first week of April, trailed briefly by red planet Mars.

Jupiter is a truly spectacular object, dominating the southerly night sky throughout Spring. It will be at its brightest, due to it being at opposition, (opposite the Sun from our viewpoint), in early April, and as close to Earth as it ever gets, at a mere 669 million (or so!) kilometres!

Saturn rises in the early hours, making a fine eastern spectacle for those early pre-dawn risers!

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