South Downs Planetarium
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From the Space Station to the Moon, Mars and Beyond

Monday, 6th May, 3.30pm

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The Lunar Orbital Platform


50 years after Neil Armstrong first walked the moon, we can now travel further into space than ever before. NASA with their Orion spacecraft aim to return to the Moon in 2020.

Both private companies and NASA are developing the capability to visit the International Space Station and also travel further out into space, NASA will build the Space Launch System, to send 140-ton payloads deeper into space While SpaceX intend to send a man round the moon in late 2023 and Mars missions in the late 2020.

The plan is that by 2022 the NASA Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will serve to aid access to the lunar surface and act as a base for assembling spacecraft to go beyond the Mon, even sending crews to Mars orbit in the 2030s.

Take a spectacular look at life on the International Space Station and the future of space travel. Featuring stunning fulldome, immersive video sequences that surround you with breathtaking moving colour images.

Come to the Planetarium to find out all about Tim’s epic adventure on board the ISS, and what lies beyond for the future of space travel.

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or call   01243 774400

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