South Downs Planetarium
Astronomy & Science Centre

All Aboard - A Tour of the Planets.

Friday, 19th April, 3.30pm

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All aboard a tour of the Planets.


Come to thePlanetarium for a flight of fancy to explore our planetary neighbours.

From hot little Mercury, closest planet to the Sun, past cloud-covered Venus, beautiful blue Earth strong and red Mars we head for the outer planets.

Through the rocky reaches of the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars, we speed pass giant Jupiter, Saturn with its beautiful rings, blue-green Uranus and on to deep blue Neptune, last of the Giant Planets. Beyond lie the icy dwarfs of the Kuiper Belt - worlds like Pluto and Eris. Fasten your seat belts for the trip of a lifetime.

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Buy Tickets Online

or call   01243 774400

If you are find you are unable to book online please ring 01243 774400 as there may be some reseved tickets avaialble