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Sunday, 23rd September, 3.30pm

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The Harvest Moon

Image: Courtesy of Pixabay.

During the early morning hours of Monday, 28th September, the Harvest Moon will be totally eclipsed. The event will be visible in its entirety from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and most of western Europe. Weather permitting, this will be the best total eclipse of the Moon to be visible from the British Isles for many years, although it will be quite late in the night – in the early hours – and with the Moon quite low down in the sky.

Totality will last for hour 12 minutes , with the Moon passing through the southern part of the Earth’s shadow , so it is likely that the northern part of the Moon will appear much darker than the southern half. The eclipse begins at 02:07 a.m. British Summer Time (BST), but by the time totality begins at 03:11 BST, the Moon will be getting low in the south-south-western sky. Mid-totality will be at 03:48 BST, and totality ends at 04:23 B.S.T. By the time the Moon leaves the central part of the Moon’s shadow – at 05:27 U.T. – it will be quite low above the western horizon.

Come to the Planetarium to find out more about the Harvest Moon, and about how to get the best out of this beautiful celestial event.

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