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One Small Step for Major Tim,
A Giant Leap Towards Mars.

Sunday, 2nd September, 3.30pm

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Time Peake

Born here in Chichester, Major Tim Peake completed his secondary education at Chichester High School for Boys in 1990. Following a successful career as a British Army Air Corps officer and test pilot, Tim was selected as an ESA astronaut in 2009, and completed Astronaut Basic Training in November 2010.

In 2012 he completed training and certification for spacewalks using both the Russian Orlan spacesuit and the US extravehicular Mobility Unit.

On 15th December 2015 Tim was launched into space to embark on his historic 186-day Principal mission aboard the International Space Station, the first Briton to go to the ISS! On 18th June 2016 he landed safely back on Earth.

What lies ahead for Major Tim? Was this a stepping stone for future manned missions to Mars?

A spectacular look at life on the International Space Station and the future of space travel. Featuring stunning fulldome, immersive video sequences that surround you with breathtaking moving colour images.

Come to the Planetarium to find out all about Tim’s epic adventure on board the ISS, and what lies beyond for the future of space travel.

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